Resource Staff (Paid)

published on 3/1/2019

A Resource Staff member’s responsibility include facilitating activities for guests, planning worships for inter-generational and youth camps, and some cleaning and minor service projects.  A Resource Staff member should understand this position requires working long hours with a lot of social interactions with guest groups and youth leaders.  Because Resource Staff members are present through inter-generational camps, youth camps, adult groups, and retreat groups (groups programmed by their own leadership for which Camp Magruder hosts activities, lodging, and meals) they must be able to communicate effectively with a wide demographic of ages, backgrounds, and cultures.  
This position requires that the applicant be capable of working in a leadership role and handling the responsibilities associated with facilitating and maintaining the safety guidelines of activities.  In this position, the applicant must be capable of working closely with their peers to coordinate and plan activities ranging from field games to evening worships.  Applicants should possess stamina and endurance, as well as a positive outlook.
For more information, email Hope Montgomery, Camp Magruder Program Director, at    The finished application should also be sent to this email address. The application is not considered complete until two reference forms for the applicant are returned, as well.     The applicant is responsible for sending out the reference forms and seeing that they are completed in a timely manner.

Click here for the  Application Form.

Click here to download the Resource Staff Reference Form.

Dates of Employment: June 8 through September 4
Starting Wage: $3,575
Returning Staff Wage: $3,850

Posted until Filled

Contact: Hope Montgomery

Location: Camp Magruder


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