Summer Youth Camps

Camp Programs for children and youth

Our goal is to help campers grow in their Christian faith and become healthy, tolerant, and self-confident individuals, capable of living and working with others in a community setting, where they create lasting relationships with their peers. Our counselors provide a positive environment where campers are encouraged to try new things and to explore new opportunities. They know that self-esteem and self-confidence are gained through individual growth rather than competition. Our highly professional counselors have been selected for their ability to create a relaxed atmosphere conducive to learning.

During camp, your child may choose to participate in a variety of camp activities including swimming, playing on the water trampoline and launching pad, boating, hiking, or beach fun. Come and join the fun this summer.

At our camp, people get to further develop life skills that help them:

  • Become more self-motivated and accept responsibility
  • Grow into secure, confident young adults
  • Think creatively, set goals and solve problems
  • Communicate more effectively and resolve conflict easily
  • Break through self-imposed limits to achieve their full potential

Day in the Life of a Camper 
(This is a sample schedule, please note that each camp individualizes their schedule to reflect age appropriateness.) 

7 am: Wake-up
8 am: Breakfast
9 am: Morning worship
10 am: Boating, swimming, crafts, tie-dye, or other activities
11 am: Age-appropriate, faith-based activity
Noon: Lunch
1 pm: Rest
2:00 pm: Waterfront activities
3:30 pm:  Age-appropriate, faith-based activity
4:30 pm: Short hike or an Environmental Education Experience
5:30 pm: Dinner
6:30 pm: Field games
8:00 pm: Campfire
8:45 pm: Daily Reflections and Prayers in Cabin Groups
Bedtime – Varies, so appropriate to age group

Email your Camper

We provide a special service from mid-June through August for Summer Program Camps. If you forget to write your camper a letter or send them a care package, you can contact them through Email. Email will be checked and printed daily around 1:00 pm.

How to Email Your Camper
Please include your camper's name and the name of the camp program in the subject field.

Subject: Joe Camper / Senior High Coast Adventure
Send to:

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